About Laura


Laura Dickinson, M.A.

Laura is certified in Wholebody Focusing by the Focusing Institute, an international organization dedicated to making Focusing available to all. She has participated in multiple levels of professional training in Focusing and Wholebody Focusing. And she is both a Certified Trainer for Wholebody Focusing as well as a Certifying Coordinator of the Focusing Institute.


Laura offers attuned guidance in Wholebody Focusing that helps open “stuck” situations naturally and allows your inner body wisdom to lead forward. Laura is delighted in how the body holds, creates, and reveals it’s astonishing, profound, and available inner wisdom. Wholebody Focusing is a healing gift that Laura loves to share. Together we safeguard your pace, your worries and your goals for your Focusing work. 

Laura: "I found Wholebody Focusing when I was looking for a way to access the lost parts of myself. I wouldn't have known how to say that then. I would have said that I was uncomfortable in groups and that I had a lot of headaches and other body pain. Or I might not have even been able to say that and just kept quiet. But with Focusing I have developed the resources to recognize myself and to participate with Life. Sometimes now I say, 'Including Everything.'"

Dear Laura. I wanted to let you know how much focusing with you has changed my life. I feel more able to access my inner knowing, my mind is more quiet and peaceful, and I am able to make better choices for myself. I feel my life is moving in a more positive direction. I appreciate your kind loving spirit. The way you hold a space for me to feel safe and supported and a presence that allows me to be with what comes up.
— A recent focuser