About Focusing


About Focusing

Focusing, as it was named by Eugene Gendlin, PhD at the University of Chicago in the early 1970's, is a natural human process of attention to the whole of a situation that can be cultivated and encouraged to support living forward in any circumstance. It is a skill that can also be taught and used yourself for your growth and change. Our lives develop with others by way of our experiencing. Like many others who have found Focusing skills, you may find deep Resources for the stuck places in your life where you seemingly stay in repeated distress, physical or mental suffering.

The Focusing Institute maintains an amazing resource about Focusing at Focusing.org

About Wholebody Focusing

Kevin McEvenue expanded Eugene Gendlin's Focusing process with his own unique genius. Kevin discovered that beneath our conditioned and unconscious patterns of being, thinking and moving, lies an inner wellspring of intelligence and vitality that knows how to unwind our stress and traumas and to complete (move forward) our unfinished life situations. Author and Co-author of books and articles, Kevin is captivated by the power of awareness when it is grounded in the body as a functioning whole and supported by its environment.

Kevin's website is a wonderful resource and is found at wholebodyfocusing.com

About Laura's work

Laura's measured heartfelt and patient empathic presence along with her depth of training and practice in Wholebody Focusing offers you a valuable resource building opportunity to experience and to learn Wholebody Focusing. Why try Focusing? This natural kind of wholebody attention can pop you up and out of debilitating repeating patterns. Your inner home is available to you. 

Laura also wants to share her profound gratitude to All her Focusing teachers, colleagues, and many others who appeared when the student was ready.