Introduction to Focusing

“Wondering How to be a Wise Friend to Yourself?”

You can Open a Door to a new Relationship to Your Inner Dialogue

Focusing is used to:

  • Find one’s way in difficult situations
  • Come to decisions
  • Invoke one’s creativity
  • Inspire the heart
  • Change your relationship with inner critics

You can learn to grow your natural skill in inner-listening and find a new access to the wisdom within.

Wholebody Focusing is a gentle, respectful modality that supports you to be present with events and difficulties in an invitational way that cultivates an expanded dialogue with your inner experience. The body carries both the doorway and the key to moving your life forward.

Laura Dickinson is certified in Wholebody Focusing as a Trainer and a Coordinator by the Focusing Institute. She earned a Masters in Counseling Psychology. Laura is a student of the heart/mind/body/spirit as which we live. She has loves her work and looks forward to sharing the time with you in session or in a class. Laura’s Wholebody Focusing classes offer a method that is simple yet profound. Laura’s gift is to accompany you as you find enhanced access to the limitless wisdom of the body.

Laura is currently offering a class with two Wholebody Focusing colleagues to be shared through The International Focusing Institute February 23 to March 23 on ZOOM.

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